We have plenty.

Let's share with those that don't.

Take Action

Over the next week 8 organizations have joined together to raise money for those dying of malnutrition. Our gifts will be matched up to $2 million. That means with our help they can help others.

Our family is well cared for. We have food, clothes, safety, shelter and education. We even have play as a regular part of our life and I cherish all of these things.

And we want to share them.

My husband and I teach our children to share with each other, friends and even kids they don't know at the park. We talk them through why it is important and help them with the emotions and thoughts that come with letting go of something they feel so attached to or simply entitled to.

The feelings that surface are complicated and strong: anger, fear, injustice, and grief are among them. Each situation is different but the thing that stays constant is the importance of empathy and compassion.

This isn't just something we need to teach our children. It's something we need to teach ourselves too.

It's our instinct to look out for ourselves. It's a spiritual practice to look out for others.

We are at a place where there are about to be four simultaneous famines as a result of war and drought. Children under 5 are most at risk to die of malnutrition. Every 10 minutes a kiddo under 5 dies because of this. There is not a lot I can relate to with those that are currently struggling to live through these famines. Our culture and life experiences are very different. But I can relate to the love a mama has for her kids and the force that would do anything for them to be well. My heart breaks for those whose kids are sick and for those kiddos the world has already lost. I think one of the strongest acts toward peace we can make is the act of love. We can reach out and give so that one less person dies because of war. There is no amount too small to donate.

Our family is going to practice sharing. We sat down together and made a plan, that we can donate money from our food budget and eat a bit more simply so others can simply eat.

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