Cape Wind

Cape Wind, a proposed wind farm off of Cape Cod, has been getting a lot of attention in the “green” world and is now getting even more since the future of the project is being threatened. Cape Wind would be the United States’ first offshore wind farm and the energy produced by this farm would provide 75% of the Cape and Island’s electricity with clean renewable energy. There will be 130 wind turbines, that are 1/3 to 1/2 a mile away from each other, located over 5 miles away from the closest shore. The problem is that although they will be silent, they are slightly visible from some shores and therefore some wealthy property owners are upset that it is going to hurt their property value. I have to admit, that even though they are hardly visible, I prefer a clean horizon to one spotted with 130 tiny twig-like things. However, if I had to pick between giving up my clean horizon and significantly reduce polution/global warming or an extremely polluted, twig-less horizon, I pick the former (the first one).

If you feel the same way Take Action to protect Cape Wind.

I would also recommend that you read more about the project, Cape Wind environmental studies, the project siting and visual simulations, and the picture simulations of the view from the Cape and Islands.

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