Overwhelmed with the environment.

It seems that lately there has been so much talk in the “regular world” about the environment. Most days there is at least one segment on National Public Radio (NPR) or more specifically, Chicago Public Radio, that has to do with the environment. TIME magazine focused their April 3, 2006 issue on Global Warming. In it they wrote a great article, The Tipping Point, in which they discuss global warming and its effects. There is Vanity Fair‘s much talked about Green Issue hitting newstands nationally on April 11th. There are blogs, ads, news segments, newspapers, and even grocery stores talking about the environment and global warming.

I love that the environment and global warming are getting so much attention. They deserve so much attention! I love it because I feel really optimistic that the “regular world” is getting informed and that they are going to use that information to make lifestyle changes that will have positive effects on the environment. However, I can’t help feeling a little skeptical and also, at times, a lot overwhelmed. Is all this talk, just talk? Is the attention that the earth is getting because of the upcoming one change at a time, do my one-person-part to take care of the environment, and remember why it is that I choose to live an environmentally and socially responsible life.

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