The Summer of Fat Tire

New Belgium Brewing Company - Fat Tire Beer
Many evenings this summer over at Mom’s were spent in the company of loved ones, sitting in the three seasons room or back yard around a fire, relaxing, watching lightening bugs, and drinking Fat Tire beer. As the leaves are falling, the days are now getting colder, and the desires to cozy in and bundle up are increasing; it still makes me feel warm, happy, and free to think about those nights.

It was the beginning of this past summer, as my husband and I were walking through the grocery store, that we saw boxes and boxes of New Belguim Brewing Company’s Fat Tire. It was a great surprise to find out that it was now being sold East of the Mississippi and it was easily decided that we would buy one of those boxes. As it turned out, we would continue to keep a steady supply in the house throughout the summer; sharing its goodness with family and friends.

Adding to the greatness of this delicious beer are the practices of New Belgium Brewing Company. I will follow their lead and break their practices into three categories: Ownership, Sustainablity, and Philanthropy.

The company has been employee owned since the hiring of its first employee, Brian Callahan. It is important to Jeff and Kim (the founders) that employees have a “vested interest in the company” and that they all get to reap from the benefits and failures alike. “These days, ownership is awarded at one year?s employment (along with a one-year, commemorative, neat-o cruiser bike!).” In addition to this, there is “a policy of fiscal transparency” which they practice in order to encourage “a community of trust and mutual responsibility”.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction ? In 1998, New Belgium took an employee vote and decided to commit to being the nation?s first 100% wind-powered brewery. Employee owners voted to dip into their bonus pool to help finance the conversion.

Healthy Watersheds ? Water is a key ingredient of beer.Through recapture and reuse, New Belgium has nearly halved the industry average of using eight barrels of water to produce one barrel of beer.

Green Building? New Belgium has been a long-time participant in green building techniques. From sun tubes and daylighting throughout the facility to reusing heat in the brewhouse, we continue to search out new ways to close loops and conserve resources.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? New Belgium has found many creative ways to follow the three R’s.


Since its inception, New Belgium Brewing Company has donated more than 1.6 million dollars to organizations in the communities where we do business. This is our way of staying local and giving back to the communities who support us.

Party hard, but party sustainably. 😉

  • Marivella

    "Party hard, but party sustainably. ;)" There is no doubt we are related :)

    Univ. Mich is hosting a lecture by Anheuser-Busch about their "corporate enviromentalism" on Oct. 26
    Since we're obviously not going to make it in person, I'll check back for an article or minutes from the meeting - it'll be interesting to see how the Big Bad Brewery compares with our delicious New Belgium!

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