Carnival of the Green #60

Carnival of the GreenThe following are all of the links that were submitted for this week’s Carnival of the Green which One/Change is hosting. Below the links I have included the comments provided by the submitters (when applicable). If you are interested in making submissions of your own or hosting future carnivals, check out Treehugger. I hope you enjoy this weeks carnival!

Mel Rimmer presents A Load Of Old (Laundry) Balls posted at Bean Sprouts.

I tested eco washing balls to see whether they were any better than just using plain water. It seems they’re not, but surprisingly they’re also no worse for most washing than using branded detergent. So eco washing balls are a rip-off, and so is laundry detergent.

Mallory presents Denim Therapy posted at Miss Malaprop.

Denim Therapy specializes in reviving your old jeans and breathing new life into them before they make a trip to the landfill.

Riversider presents Riverworks “Undemocratic”: Michael Lavalette posted at Save The Ribble!.

We have kept blogging away with our points about the dangers of the proposals to barrage our river and build housing in its’ greenbelt. Now at last we are winning counselors to our side – proof that blogging works as a method that determined community campaigners can use to get their message across in a powerful and sustained way.

Patrick Quinton presents Breaking Up is Hard to Do posted at Cars Are Evil.

This post does not refer to any time sensitive links. It is more of a reflection on a particular topic that relates to the theme of my website. Thanks for your consideration.

John presents It is good to find a deal killer posted at hell’s handmaiden.

Suzanne Roman presents Polar bear “protected” posted at Towards Green.

Phil presents Plant Trees on Public Land ? Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity.

Ever think of a new way for everyone to easily help the environment? Well, I think I just did.

Vihar Sheth presents Zero Waste posted at green | rising.

Victoria E presents Nau News posted at Groovy Green

Our second question comes from Beo aka Robert: I have heard of a new eco fashion company called Nau with founders stemming from Big Names like Marmot and Patagonia. Can you give us an update on them?

Rey Thomas presents The Thomas Political Report: What The President Said, What The President Meant posted at The Thomas Political Report.

Don Bosch presents Creation: The Not-So-Silent Sermon posted at The Evangelical Ecologist.

Is God silent? Does He even exist? Look up! All Creation reveals God’s presence continuously and universally. Don Bosch invites you to a green meditation on the 19th Psalm over at The Evangelical Ecologist.

Darrick Dean’s presents Back to the Future: Cast Iron posted at The Evangelical Ecologist.

Sue Richards presents Auntie Aging posted at My Menopause Blog

Before you invite Auntie Aging into your life, check to see how green she is.

John presents Urban Ecosystems and Nature Writing posted at A DC Birding Blog.

Avant News presents Lipodiesels Shine at 2010 LA Auto Show posted at Avant News.

Zane Parker presents Coming to Terms: on bringing a kid into this world posted at Groovy Green.

This past summer and fall, the prospect of a child has provided abstract motivation for work on our small earthen house.

Wise Bread presents Seven ways to maximize your gas mileage posted at Lynn Cognito.

Lynn shares seven sure ways to maximize your gas mileage.

Matthew presents UPDATE: EPA to deny ‘Brokovitch’ carcinogen for residential use posted at EPA may allow ‘Brockovich’ carcinogen in wood preservative.

Matthew presents Study: Hybrid cars save money in long run posted at Enviroblog.

An study finds that hybrid cars, whose fuel efficiency alone may not justify their higher initial purchase price, are in fact more economical in the long run.

Biologist Sally Kneidel presents The House Was Rockin…The Night We Socked It to the Utilities Commission posted at Veggie Revolution.

The local struggle in North Carolina to reject Duke Energy’s plans for 2 new coal-fired power plants. The resistance is supported by the Clean Air Coalition and the Sierra Club.

Sally Kneidel presents Chimps and Gibbons Have Human Elements to their Language posted at Veggie Revolution.

It is about Sally’s earlier work, as a graduate assistant, teaching American Sign Language to surly young chimpanzees. This post begins with a December study about the recent discovery of human elements in vocalizations among wild gibbons.

Jennifer Killpack-Knutsen presents Sundance 2007 Films for Greenies and Environmentalists posted at Jen’s Green Journal.

Connor presents The Homemade Revolution: Why DIY is Better posted at Matisse & Jack’s Blog.

Homemade eco friendly energy bars and how they may be safer.

Greener News Room presents Journalist fights subpoena in Lt. Watada court-martial case posted at Greener Magazine

Journalist fights subpoena in Lt. Watada court-martial case. The Society of Professional Journalists, military reporters and editors, the editorial staff of the LA Times, Greener Magazine/NRP, Media Alliance and scores of community groups join in denouncing the Army’s attempt to turn journalists into an investigative arm of the government.

Nina presents Ten Money Questions for Mark Brand posted at Queercents.

Award-winning architect, Mark Brand discuss big vs. small houses in the Queercents series: Ten Money Questions.

Andrea presents Organic Fertilizers posted at Buy Organic.

Discusses the benefits of using organic fertilisers in your garden and how to improve your soil naturally.

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