Christmas this year

Christmas presents

We have been doing a sibling/spouse Secret Santa gift exchange on my side of the family for a couple of years. It has worked really well and has provided the opportunity within my fairly large family to focus on one person. This year we have decided to make another change in our gift giving.

Every year my parents are left buying gifts for all 8 of us plus each other. Even though they do a great job of being thoughtful in their gift giving, in our very consumer driven culture this gets really really expensive. So, this year we are doing an experiment. My parents are making each of us a present and can spend no more than $10/person on supplies. In return each of us will make our parents a present and can spend no more on $10/person.

There are so many reasons why I am excited about this. I love that it simplifies our gifts. I love that it takes away a bit of the consumer oriented aspect of these holidays. However, most of what I love about it is that we will get to know each other better. We will be giving to our parents and receiving gifts from them that in some way represent our skills and a part of our lives that we want to share.

As we near Christmas I hope that you are all able to remain rooted in the midst of much unnecessary chaos.



Handmade eye mask

  • Marivella

    Grocery totes rock, Sucka.

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