Inspirations from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

So I just finished ?Animal, Vegetable, Miracle? by Barbara Kingsolver, Steven Hopp and Camille Kingsolver. What a good book. It talks about their year spent on their farm in Virginia as ?locavores?, that is people who are committed to eating locally. In their case, they planned on planting produce as well as raising livestock.

The story is woven beautifully by the very accomplished Kingsolver (author of the highly recommended but never read ?Poisonwood Bible?). But the best thing about the book is the approachable way that she, and her family, discuss their reasons along with their results. A lot of their experiences and information that they report in the book has inspired me and influenced me.

Since Mollie began volunteering at Erewhon Farm, she and I have become increasingly interested in local and organic food. Mollie has really spurred me to think about where our food comes from and why it?s important. Recently we?ve watched some documentaries, read articles and books, it?s very clear that what we eat matters to our bodies, our communities, our economy and our planet.

I plan on writing a series of posts about food, why it matters and small changes we can all make to improve our diets, strengthen our communities and care for our planet.

  • izzie

    You guys have definitely inspired us in local eating! I'm excited for the upcoming posts...

  • This book is on my summer reading list! Also, I have The Poisonwood Bible on my list of books to read. I'm glad you enjoyed it - I look forward to reading it.

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