It is time for a confession.? I didn’t send a single ‘thank you’ note for any of my wedding presents.? I know it is terrible and I felt awful about it.? There was good reason that I didn’t, considering that life kind of took a difficult turn around ‘thank you’ card writing time.? Then, the more time passed the better those ‘thank you’ cards had to be.? It was too much.? So, after 3 years of being married I finally threw that list and burden out.

However, I knew that I did not want to be a repeat offender when it came to sending thank you notes for my baby shower.? This time around the ‘thank you’ cards were not only existent, but they were timely, handmade, pretty awesome, and sustainable.? We made postcards by block printing onto an old Gwen Frostic calendar that I cut down to size.

Want to see?

Homemade thank you cards

It was a tag-team effort by me and Kendall and I love the way they turned out.

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