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Window Boxes

We wanted to make some window boxes and we knew that our friends over at The Urban Farmers Almanac had some wood leftover from a deck project last summer. We decided to see if we could get together and make some sustainability magic happen.

It did. Oh did it. Not only did they have an extra cedar board that we could use, Dan was willing to help me build it too (actually, save me from severing a finger with a power saw). A few weeks ago, on a Saturday I ventured over to my favorite urban farm to see what we could whip up. An hour later I headed home with this whopper of a window box. Thanks to Dan, Alicia and special help from Hannah.

Later that afternoon, we wanted to take advantage of our newest home/garden accoutrement, so we grabbed our potting soil and seeds and went to work. We dropped some seed for Little Caesar lettuce, Tuscan Kale and Arugula. We’re gonna be eating right this summer! Every time I walked by our garden, I looked to see if anything had sprouted. Not too long after we planted, we started to see little glimpses of our future food. Right now, we’re just starting to see some of the true leaves, but we hope to have some full-blown leaves soon. We’ll keep you updated.

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