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Being a mama has taught me that the most important thing I can do to care for my son is be present and available to him.  It has also shown me that that is really what all of us need.  We need people to be present and available to us. Sometimes that takes the form of showing up when there is a need, being there for one another, and giving what we can.

If you visit the site (versus getting it in your RSS feed or as an e-mail), you may have noticed a new addition to the site!  On the right hand side of the site you will notice the addition of “Give A Gift”.  We have chosen to highlight World Vision, Heifer International, and Partners in Health.  These are not ads and at a later point I will go into why I have decided to use that space on my site to support non-profits in lieu of ads.  Each of these images will bring you directly to a page on their site where you can choose to give a financial gift to the non-profit organization.  There are many great organizations out there, but these are ones that we know really well and trust.

The day after Thanksgiving has become a Holiday spending spree, so much so, that it has been dubbed “Black Friday” because it has become the most profitable day of the year for many businesses.  I know that there are very complicated economics involved here regarding businesses “counting” on shoppers to shop.  However, our vision of Christmas has evolved slowly, but rather dramatically, over our years together.  In fact, it has changed so much so, that even what I mean by vision has changed.  In the past, I strained to create The Vision of Christmas with hope that if I did so, I would be able to feel the warmth and love of The Vision inside myself.

I wanted so badly to feel that warmth, love, and closeness of family.  I thought the gateway to all this was to create the ideal picture of Christmas–presents, lots of food, holiday cheer which, was best created by having the right atmosphere… stockings, christmas tree, christmas lights, snow-hot chocolate-fireplace, the smell of food.  What I didn’t understand was that I got it all backwards.  That warmth and love came out of being close to Kendall and now also to Finn.  I now know within me (although my brain is still being re-trained), that when I give myself over to loving and being loved by these two people and other loved ones, and that when we have our need for food, shelter, health, and other basic needs met, that my life is bountiful.

I want to be clear, I don’t think there is anything wrong with giving gifts to those you know and love–you know yourselves and your loved ones best.  However, I would like to ask you to join our family in giving to those who are not able to rest in knowing their basic needs are being met.

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