Estrella Family Creamery

A creamery that is dear to our hearts has encountered some financial difficulties because the FDA shut them down and seized all their cheese.  The Estrella Family Creamery makes wonderful cheese and are an extremely generous and kind family.  Actually, my request for what I wanted to eat after I gave birth included a spread of their cheese.  There are many details surrounding what the Estrella’s and their creamery are in the midst of.  One thing I do know is that their cheese is safe to eat, we have eaten it for years, they eat it and feed it to their children, and many others have partaken in the joy of consuming their cheeses and no one has ever become ill.  Making cheese is their passion and they would just like to get back to creating and feeding.

We have added them to our “Give A Gift” section on One/Change and you can read the details of their situation by going to the website that was set up to distribute information about their legal battle with the FDA.  There is also a Celebrity Chef Fundraising Dinner and Press Conference on the calendar for Jan. 22nd. The event will be hosted by chef Roy Breimann at the beautiful Cedarbrook Lodge in Seattle, WA.  Folks at Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund are helping with event coordination. Watch the website for more information on obtaining tickets — soon! It looks a couple of great speakers will be present.

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