Happy New Year!

This New Year’s Eve Kendall and I were having a small conversation over how the New Year that we celebrate does not internally feel like we are entering a new year; we join in the tradition, but it feels like forcing a puzzle piece that does not fit.  Perhaps, it is simply that we want the time to soak in the Glory of Christmas AND to not rush into the precious, tender, and joyful act of seeing and recounting the movement of our life thus far and ponder over–dream, wish, plan–the year to come.  Maybe, it is also because the symbolism and meaning we have associated with the turning of the calendar to a New Year resonates with Kendall and I more at the turning of Spring- a time when we emerge from the low energy of Winter and are greeted in our awakening by new life.

So, this year we did things a little differently.  We relaxed, did a little reminiscing, a little looking forward, a champagne toast at midnight, and a lot of enjoying the company of one another.  Kendall and I would love to hear some of your traditions and where you are in life.  If you would like to, make yourself at home and share a comment below.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Kathrynmcclure84

    This makes perfect sense Mols and Kendy. I never really questioned the timing of the New Year's resolutions...but you are right...it is ALWAYS in spring that I feel rejuvenated and ready to stop hibernating. I think a lof of it has to do with the time change. I hate when it gets dark outside early. I frequently find myself in bed during the winter way before it is acceptable.
    I don't really think I have any traditions (unless drinking wine everyday at 7pm counts as a tradition...teeeheee)....maybe my spring resolution will be to start some traditions...but meaningful ones..I dislike traditions just for the sake of having a tradition.
    Thank you so much for sharing Mollie and Kendall!

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