Baking Bread…Back at it!

Until a couple of months ago, I had not baked a single loaf of bread since Finn was born.  I can’t even believe it.

Before that sweet little boy came into my life, I was getting fairly deep into the bread baking world.  I was reading about the bread science of bacteria, gluten, chemical reactions, various kinds of bonds, etc and their relationship to bread. (I happily struggled to wrap my non-scientific inclined mind around what I was learning.) There was a lot of documented experimenting happening in our kitchen and the development of some of my own recipes.  But, after Finn was born this was more than my foggy brain could handle.  It was too complicated.

Lately, I opened SouleMama‘s book The Rhythm of Family.  Before I go on, I want to share that I am very much loving this book right now.  So, it is possible that I may gush over it more in the months to come! Kendall and I read the introduction together.  It is truly delightful and encouraging.  It is broken up by months and upon picking up the book, we dove right into November.  Fairly recently, I begun to get the urge to start baking our own bread again and wouldn’t you know it, right there in November is a simple and very tasty recipe for honey, whole wheat, and oat bread.  Since our find, Finn and I have had quite a few dates to bake bread together.  It really has been fun to re-enter the baking world and getting to do it with Finn!

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