Milk Bath

This morning Finn and I were making play dough and having a great time together.  It was really sweet how excited he was getting about it.  ”Cook! Cook!  Us! Cook!”   I love it.

Then, the next thing I know we are both covered in raspberry colored flour and water.  I mean really covered.  It’s a blur.  I am not sure how it happened.  I think I was going to wash his hands and somewhere in the exchange of activities there was a slip of the hand.

It’s close to his nap time so I put Finn in his highchair to eat while I clean up.  As I am wiping down the counters I hear Finn say, “cleanup!”.  I say, “That’s right.  Mama’s cleaning up.”  I look over at him as I am saying this and see that he is washing himself in his glass of milk.  Taking a napkin, using it as a wash cloth, and rubbing it in his hair and all over his body.  And, I am going to go ahead and admit that I told him that he was doing a good job cleaning himself, laughed, and walked over to my computer to share this with you while he continued to “clean” himself.

When I let things be what they are, a whole new and fun world opens up to me.  May we all find the joy in our messy adventures.

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