The lovely sound of family

I can hear my son’s crisp, clear voice. It is light and sweet as he speaks with a quality that is very him. He is confident, playful, clever, unassuming, thoughtful, and bold as he gives life to words and sentences that are new to him.  I find encouragement in the way that he naturally has patience with himself as he learns this language and practices communicating it to a mama that tries (sometimes with difficulty) to understand.

My husband’s voice comes in, although I cannot make out his words, for his voice is deeper with a softness to it.  His sentences are steady and paced, using just enough words.

They are talking. It makes me smile. It really does. It is so simple, but it makes me happy in a way that not much else can.

All of this I am taking in from another room. As a mama in need of rest, I am spending the day refueling.  And, Kendall is spending the day loving on Finn so that I can do this.  We are (very inefficiently) finding our way in this world. There have been some near-impossible seeming bumps along our road, but I am grateful that after 10 years of being a part of each others life that we are still finding our way together.

Peace and joy.  I’m glad to find myself in the midst of both right now.

  • Julie Dawson

    Voices From the Other Room.  that would be a good title for a book.
      Glad you got a day of rest!

  • Mollie Guillemette

    Thank you, Julie!  It would be a good title.  Kind of wondered if it would sound scary instead of sweet.  I think we should start a story with that as the title.  I'll write a sentence and send it on to you!

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