Oobleck You

This Winter  we have found ourselves sick often.  So far this year, Kendall and Finn seemed to have been doing a fine job staying strong and healthy.  I, on the other hand, have not been so skilled at evading these germs and am struggling to fully recover. The flu is a nasty bug.  I’ve given myself over to diligently resting my lungs and I’m appreciative of the opportunity to listen to what my body needs.  We’re going on three weeks now and my past view has always been to be annoyed at the inconvenience of it all.  When really, it’s just part of life.  I’m contented with the chance to practice self care.

Like I said, so far this year the boys were going strong, but a couple of days ago the little Finnch Bird joined me in the sick bed.  Fever, coughing, stuffy-head, and runny nose.  The poor little guy has it all.  He is sweet in his little sick-boy way and we are enjoying the slowness that this has brought to our time together.  He’s sticking close and we’ve been moving through the days with lots of snuggles, stacks and stacks of books read and reread, baths, baking, and brief jaunts outside for fresh air.

And today?  Well, today there was oobleck.  Awesome, fun, messy, and fascinating oobleck.

{Oobleck Recipe}

1 cup water  (with food coloring added if you want a color)

2 cups cornstarch

Mix together.  It is thick.  Don’t add more water.


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