The Roses

Occasionally, amidst all the chocolate and truffles and laughter there is a slip of the hand.  It’s a small hand that slips so quickly.  And, before it is possible to fully register what has happened, the two of you are on the floor covered in chocolate and truffles and there is one sad boy.  The tears are plenty, dripping down his face.  So, we hug –chocolate, truffles, and tears– and sit for a moment in all of that mess.  We sit and then, we clean up.  That chocolate and truffle mess is eaten right off arms and faces.  Showers are had. Boats and lizards are played with till our hearts are soothed.  Clean clothes are put on.  The floor is wiped up.  The remaining truffles are finished.  There is even singing.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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