Travelin’ Man


More has taken place than seems possible within the few weeks that comprise 2013.  As the year turned over, the three of us arrived home from a spontaneous, post-Christmas, 10 day road trip through Northern California.  We had a blast and reveled in getting to spend so much time together.  There was so much we saw, did and still a whole other trip we would gladly fill with things we did not do.

A few days after we were home, Kendall left unexpectedly for Michigan.  His grandmother became ill over Christmas and he and his sisters flew out to be with their mom and help love on and care for Grandma and Grandpa.  After being gone for a little over a week, Kendall caught a flight home and Finn and I excitedly drove to pick him up from the airport.  The little man and I made a date out of it, spending the day at the children’s museum and going out to dinner.  It was a pretty late night and Finn passed out on the way home, giving Kendall and I some time together.  This time we didn’t mind the ferry wait.

A few days later, Grandma passed away and the three of us got on an airplane to go say goodbye.  It was so good to be with everyone, especially Grandpa.  While it was difficult to say goodbye, there was joy in celebrating her life and hearing stories I had never heard before, looking at pictures, and taking even more of her in.  She was an incredible woman and she lived a great life.




The day after the funeral we drove to Chicago and on the drive it became apparent that I was very ill.  I spent the next 3 days on the couch pretty out of it and very grateful that Nona came home and dove into caring for me and playing with Finn.  Ready or not we hopped on the plane again to fly to Boulder to take the most poorly timed vacation possible.  While we were all exhausted, there was much fun had playing in hot tubs, going on hikes, soaking in day after day of sunshine, and eating one incredible meal at Salt — the company and the food couldn’t have been better.

We have settled down a bit now that we are all home, but change is in the air and I feel its zip.  Still, we are taking time to rest and be.  To slow ourselves down and find our internal rhythms and our rhythm as a family.  It’s good to be back.


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