The Soul of an Octopus

Whenever I hear stories about an octopus’s intelligence I always have a dual response— fascinated and a little creeped out. They can find their way out of locked jars, fit through spaces incompressibly small, identify individual people, camouflage into their surroundings and even escape enclosures baffling keepers to how they did it. They have eight arms capable of regenerating and covered in suction cups each with the sucking capacity of 35 lbs and they have approximately 1,600 of them. The personality of octopuses are as varied as the kaleidoscope of colors they produce. Their home is the ocean—it’s where they breathe, eat, fight and make babies. It is this creature that Sy Montgomery has fallen in love with and this is the story of her exploration into their world, to understand their minds, and the friendships she develops, with both octopuses and humans, along the way.